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Hanaiku is the idea of using the joy and opporunity to grow flowers and greenery to foster the feeling of kindless and beauty.
(From the National Hanaiku Activity Promotion Council) Like shokuiku (growth through food), this activity incorporates educational elements and uses flowers as an educational tool to foster the sensitivities of children and create the opportunity to learn

This region is covered in snow during the winter. The melting snow brings spring and then autumn as the fields take on the colors of rices and rindo flowers. The comforting and familiar scene of our hometown. In local elementary schools, there are classes that incorporate rindo cultivation experiential learning and field work. Working with the rindo, which is the official flower of the prefecture, creates opportunities to know not only flowers, but also for fostering a sense of hometown pride

【1】They begin by first listening to a talk from the grower.

【2】Expansive rindo field

【3】Rindo are picked and harvested by hand one by one without using scissors.

【4】Each child goes freely into the field to find five flowers that are ready for harvesting.

【5】Their little hands working hard to harvest the flowers.

【6】The rindo flowers are taller than the children.

【7】Moving from the field to the work center for shipment preparation.

【8】Children watch as harvested flowers are selected based on length and grade.

【9】After an explanation of the process, they give serious reports on the work of the professionals they have seen. Then present the reports on a later date at school.